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Do you need more than just automated lists of search results? 
Do you need comprehensive media monitoring of customized queries?
Encompassing full coverage of print, broadcast, and online media? 

We are professionals committed to providing comprehensive information management.  You customize our services so we can help you work smarter, not harder. 
Whether you're tracking your industry, your competitors, your partners, or your own publicity, we at Texas Press Clipping Bureau will tailor our services to give you a perfect portfolio. 

With our resources, you can keep on top of the conversations happening about you and your industry.  You will not be inundated with information.  You will not need to weed out irrelevant pieces from a list. 

Our services allow you to utilize your information quickly so your business can: 
  • Determine priorities and plan strategies     
  • Follow trends, track competition, gather intelligence, poll public opinion        
  • Forecast demand and find new leads, new markets, new opportunities   
Contact us to discuss customized services for you.  There is NO one-size-fits-all structure to our options. 


Request a Quote For a customized quote, call at (800) 458-9602, or (214) 969-5570 and we help you select which of our services fill your needs.

Service Packages start at $129 per month!


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