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Texas Press Clipping Bureau, based in Dallas, Texas, offers the most comprehensive media monitoring services available. 

Our truly comprehensive media coverage of print, broadcast and online media - including social media, allows you to track your publicity, your competitors, your industry,  your market, and your partners as well as discover vital business information to improve your company.


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Need more information?  Call today for a custom quote. We'll show you how you can save time, money and effort by subscribing to a service that can do it all. 

Give us a call  at  (800) 458-9602, or (214) 969-5570 and we'll  customize a service to fit your needs and your budget. 


Toll Free:
(800) 458-9602

Texas Press Clipping Bureau
1700 Commerce Street Suite 1670
Dallas, TX 75201-5365

Toll Free: (800) 458-9602
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Fax: (214) 871-0350

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